5 Amazing Benefits of Microneedling

Time and the elements take their toll on your skin. Skin aging starts in your mid-20s and, combined with sun exposure, starts to show signs of deterioration. You may develop colored spots, fine lines, or just a general dullness where your face used to glow. Despite this natural progression, you want to turn back the clock to make your appearance match how you feel.

There’s certainly no shortage of products and treatments on the market to help you do that, and it can sometimes be tricky to know which options will work for you. Understanding how skin revitalization methods work can sometimes help your choice, particularly when you balance the pros and cons with your needs.

Microneedling is one of the skin treatments that produces results by stimulating natural collagen response, but it may be the ideal system if you’re eager to get aggressive results combined with fast recovery times.

Collagen induction

Many skin revitalization methods work by stimulating your body to manufacture new collagen. A key component in tissue throughout your body, collagen is an important part of your skin.

Existing in the middle layer, collagen acts as a supporting base for your surface skin. Its matrix boosts and nourishes the epidermis layer, and it’s when collagen declines that you begin to see signs of aging.

However, your body retains the ability to create new collagen. Deterioration due to time and the subtle effects of exposure to the elements sometimes don’t trigger your skin’s regenerative mechanisms. To take advantage of this, a controlled and even “damaging” event must be created.

Aggressive dermabrasion and heavy chemical peels do this, though they damage the epidermis along with the collagen layer. While this effectively gives you the benefits of two layers of new tissue, it comes at a cost of a lengthy recovery time as well as discomfort or pain, as your new skin grows.

The top 5 benefits of microneedling

Collagen induction without epidermis damage

Microneedling wands use fine needles to create tiny punctures. Your body immediately responds to these micro-injuries to the collagen layer, while having minimal effects on your surface layer.

Reduces hyperpigmentation

Sunspots and other skin discoloration often reside in the dermis, though they’re visible through the translucent epidermis. New collagen production often flushes out the tissue that carries these blemishes, reducing or eliminating pigment problems.

Fewer lines and wrinkles

As you lose the support and nourishment of the dermal layer, outer skin becomes less elastic and more easily collapses into voids and around muscles. This is where lines and wrinkles begin. Fresh collagen restores moisture, elasticity, and volume, boosting your epidermis and smoothing your face.

Filling in scars and pitting

Active acne may be years in your past, but you may be wearing reminders in the form of scars. The blemishes of acne happen so fast that your body can’t restore an even collagen matrix as it heals one pimple, surrounded by many others. Microneedling encourages a consistent, even collagen matrix, which can “backfill” acne scarring.

Reduces blackheads

Blackheads result from pores plugged with sebum, a natural skin lubricator and conditioner. Microneedling opens many of these clogged pores, breaking up the sebum plugs and restoring your skin’s natural maintenance system.

The Dontage aesthetic clinic uses the Vivace™ radiofrequency-enhanced microneedling system to offer you a more effective procedure versus conventional techniques. Combined with serums and recovery options chosen to match your skin, you may be ready to hit the town on the same day as your treatment.

Contact Dontage by phone or request an appointment online. It’s the first step in restoring vitality to your face.

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