Put Yourself First This Year and Fight Aging With Juvéderm

January is the time for resolutions. With the start of the new year, we vow to make positive changes in our lives. But have you thought about resolving to put yourself first and make more time to take care of yourself?

It’s easy to lose yourself while caring for the family, friends, and community around you. However, neglecting yourself can leave you feeling less than your best. If you’ve started noticing the signs of aging in your face or you’re unhappy with the face you see in the mirror, make this the year to change things.

Waseem Garbia, PA-C, and his highly trained team at Dontage are here to help you put yourself first this year. Dr. Garbia is proud to offer a suite of Juvéderm fillers to rejuvenate your face, boost your confidence, and give you skin you’re proud to show off.

Juvéderm is one of Dr. Garbia’s most popular cosmetic treatments. It’s a safe, FDA-approved dermal filler that Dr. Garbia uses to plump cheeks and lips, and fill in facial lines and wrinkles. Comprised of a hyaluronic acid mixture, Juvéderm is injected into your target areas to add volume to skin and reverse the look of aging.

Find out if Juvéderm is right for you

Maybe you’ve had cosmetic procedures before, or maybe this is your first time considering it for yourself. Juvéderm is a safe, popular anti-aging cosmetic procedure. If you’re in generally good health, but you’re frustrated by lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity that’s common with aging, you’re probably a good candidate for Juvéderm.

As you age, your skin stops generating as much collagen as it once produced. Collagen makes your skin plump and elastic, and aging skin becomes more fragile and sags. Juvéderm uses hyaluronic acid to fill in the layers under the surface of your skin to help replace the volume lost by natural aging.

Take years off your face with Juvéderm

Dr. Garbia can target a variety of areas of your face to reverse the look of aging with Juvéderm. Popular treatment areas include:

Dr. Garbia will consult with you, discussing your medical history and your expectations around your cosmetic procedure. Based on your goals and his evaluation of your face, he’ll recommend a Juvéderm treatment plan customized for you.

At Dontage, we have numerous Juvéderm products suited to a variety of needs. Different fillers are injected into different areas of your face and are placed at different depths to achieve younger-looking skin in your most stubborn trouble spots.

Some of the Juvéderm products we offer include:

Whatever treatment Dr. Garbia suggests for you, your procedure will take just a few minutes. After your Juvéderm procedure is complete, you’ll likely see positive results almost immediately.

Though some side effects such as redness and swelling at the injection site are common, the side effects should fade after just a few hours, and you should follow all guidelines Dr. Garbia gives you to aid in your recovery. Depending on the area that was treated, you can expect your results to last from a few months to up to two years.

For a New Year’s resolution that gives you confidence for months or even years to come, consider treating yourself to Juvéderm. Let Dr. Garbia develop a Juvéderm treatment plan for you that addresses your specific concerns and gives you a younger appearance almost instantly. Call our office, or schedule your initial consultation online with our convenient booking tool.

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