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If fine lines and wrinkles are ruining your self-confidence, why tolerate them? At Dontage, located in Falls Church, Virginia, advanced aesthetics and skin care specialist Waseem Garbia, PA-C uses Botox® injections to take years off the appearance of your skin. Call Dontage to book your next Botox appointment or consultation, or schedule one online with Waseem today.

Botox Q & A

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What is Botox?

Botox, an FDA-approved prescription medication made by Allergan Cosmetics, is the No. 1-selling product of its kind. It contains small amounts of the purified botulinum toxin from bacteria called Clostridium botulinum — yes, the same bacteria that causes botulism food poisoning when ingested.

Waseem uses traditional and advanced Botox techniques to inject botulinum toxin into muscles, ultimately improving your look by smoothing moderate to severe case of:

  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Neck lines
  • Lines near the jaw

Botox injections are also used to reduce excessive sweating, an overactive bladder, and migraines. Botox is approved for cosmetic use in 78 countries, and its safety and efficacy were evaluated in over 400 peer-reviewed articles in scientific publications.

How does Botox work and what does treatment feel like?

Botox targets fine lines and wrinkles at their cause, often-repeated facial muscle contractions that come from years of squinting and frowning. When injected into muscles, Botox temporarily reduces muscle contraction activity, so those frown lines and crow’s feet won’t develop or deepen.

You may feel a slight pinch during Botox injections. While pain is minimal, Waseem may use a numbing cream before your treatment to ease any discomfort. The procedure often takes about 10 minutes, depending on your individualized treatment plan and the number of injections you require.

After you receive Botox injections, you can resume normal day-to-day activities right away with minimal or no downtime.

How many Botox injections will I need?

Waseem helps determine how many Botox injections will get you the best results and combat the signs of aging. He may recommend:

  • Three injections on each side of your eyes to reduce crow’s feet
  • Five injections in muscles in your forehead for frown lines

You may notice results in 24-48 hours after Botox injections, with optimal results appearing after 7-10 days. The reduced appearance of fine lines should last up to four months after your treatment. Results vary from person to person, but most people are highly satisfied with their results.

When you’re ready to take years off the appearance of your skin with Botox injections, call Dontage today or book an appointment online with Waseem.